We are building a model for diverse and inclusive schools and communities to end segregation and inequity in Slovakia and beyond

Skills of the future

To meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the 21st century, we need innovative and flexible people who have a high level of social and emotional intelligence, are creative and critical thinkers and can build strong relationships with diverse people across cultures and backgrounds.

These skills are best developed in diverse inclusive groups - where everyone is accepted and has the chance to fully develop their potential, together, creating a more just and sustainable society.

About Rozmanita

Rozmanita education centre

We are building an education centre in Bratislava that is truly accessible to everyone

What will it include? We will start with a nursery for children aged 2.5-6, which will bring development opportunities for the whole family, and with courses for adults open to the public. In the next few years, we will add a primary school, a senior centre, centre for families, a coworking space with childcare and a secondary school.

We will share our model across Slovakia and beyond so that inclusion becomes the prevalent approach in education in every school and community.

About Rozmanita

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We are a non-profit with a sustainable funding model. How does it work?

We cover at least 70% of our costs ourselves so as to better plan for the future. We qualify for some government funding and each of our clients pays the amount they can afford for our services.

Fundraising allows the center to be accessible to all those who cannot cover any or only part of the cost. Your support allows us to build, evaluate and share our model widely across Slovakia and beyond.

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Why do we need inclusive education?


• Compared to the rest of the EU or OECD countries, Slovakia fares extremely badly on several indicators of tolerance, inclusion and acceptance.

• Suppressing diversity leads to a segregated and unjust society, which is absolutely inadequately preparing us and our children - all of our children - for an uncertain future.

Endangered democracy, economy and ecological sustainability

• Children do not have a chance to develop in diverse communities and develop the skills they will need in the future.

• At the same time, disparities between advantaged and disadvantaged groups are growing, which in turn weakens democracy, economic growth and, ultimately, environmental sustainability.